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At Jones Business Services, we understand that it takes a certain type of individual to perform debt collection tasks well, over a period of time. Most small to medium businesses do not have these persons or cannot afford them full-time. The collection of debts is often relegated to a multi-tasked person or the owner, who may spend a couple of hours a week, or when they have time – not when it is necessary – to chase money.

The task is particularly stressful to those not experienced in handling Clients who are avoiding or are having difficulty in paying their outstanding accounts. Because of this, the staff member or owner usually avoids making the important phone call and, more importantly, the follow up action when required. The stress can impair their productivity for the rest of the day.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

We, at Jones Business Services, have the training, skills and knowledge to access the best possible methods to recover your debts as quickly as possible.

We understand the longer a debt is outstanding, the less the likelihood of recovery. We understand the impact that outstanding debts have on cash-flow. We understand the urgency of collection as the value of the outstanding debt decreases the longer it takes to recover. We understand that a bad debt of $5,000 on a 5% net profit margin means you will need to sell another $100,000 worth of goods or services to make up for the loss.

Jones Business Services is in a class of its own when it comes to debt collection. We use a more personal approach. We speak face to face or over the phone to debtors rather than sending countless letters, not knowing if they have been read or even opened.

We also understand the importance of maintaining your image and reputation. We understand that it is easy to lose Clients and more difficult to gain and retain Clients. We will always strive to maintain that special relationship with your Clients while recovering your money.

We specialise in both commercial and consumer debt and we are tenacious in our dedication to recover your debts.

Getting paid for your goods or services in a timely fashion is “where the cash-flow starts”.

For further information on how we can assist you in your business, contact us anytime on 1300 300 149.


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