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“It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages.”

Profit and profitability are generally considered to be the measure of a business’s success. However, cash-flow is the critical factor and is the priority in the short and medium term.

Without cash, the business cannot operate. Payment of wages and salaries, creditors, GST, PAYG and superannuation, all need access to cash. Failure to meet these obligations is potentially devastating and can lead to insolvency.

At JBS Credit Services, we have seen many examples of businesses that appear to be highly profitable, but continually run into cash-flow problems.

The need to ensure that cash is properly managed is therefore the paramount objective within the business.

At JBS, our Consulting team have the expertise to audit your credit management processes, to provide guidance, systems and kits, such as; credit terms, credit policies and procedure documents, credit application form templates and demand letter templates, to enable you to control the most important asset in your business – the money owed to you.

Small, Medium and Large (Corporate) Clients invite us to look over their shoulder as they go about their daily roles in the credit department. Once we’ve assessed a Client’s procedures, we can then report back with our recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their department. The results are, our Client’s Credit department runs smoother, money comes in faster, cash-flow increases and the number of delinquent accounts reduces.

The JBS Consulting Department is proactive and can handle anything large or small. Our Clients use our Consulting arm for the following;

  • Full Credit Management Audit – we assess and improve the whole credit management function from start to finish. For small to large, new and established businesses.
  • Credit Terms
  • Credit Policies and Procedure documents
  • Credit Application form templates
  • Demand Letter templates
  • Credit Reporting
  • Credit Insurance (hyperlink to Credit Insurance page)

JBS is focussed on driving our Consulting Services and setting up our Clients’ credit management processes such as credit terms and all relevant documentation, so as to safeguard our Clients’ businesses and provide the greatest level of protection should an adverse scenario arise. It is important to be proactive – not reactive.

It is a fundamental necessity that all businesses, new and old, have their credit management processes, procedures and all necessary documentation in place. Putting these measures in place gives you the best possible chance of recovery in-house, as well as a continued and ongoing relationship with your Clients.

However, should the time arise that you require further action such as debt collection services (hyperlink back to debt collection page), JBS also specialises in this field.

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